The Cube PC Case for the New Decade

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A computer case is an enclosed structure designed to hold the components of a computer such as a motherboard, graphics card, DVD ROM, etc. A cube PC case is a comparatively smaller computer case. Computer cases are usually made of steel or some alloy of steel, but aluminum is also used. Sometimes, cases are also made of plastic or even wood.

Computer cases usually have slots to plug in USBs, mouse, and keyboards, and spaces to fit in DVD Rom or, in times gone by, CD players. One important characteristic that a computer case must have is the ability to let airflow for cooling purposes. It is an essential criteria when designing a computer case.

Cube PC Case

Computer cases come in many shapes and sizes, also known as form factor, depending upon the components of a computer. Most cases are in rectangular form, with different orientations; a tower case has a height greater than width; a flat desktop case has a width greater than the height and cube case, which almost has the same height and width.

A cube PC case is a relatively smaller computer case, usually with improved features and better performance. Comparisons can be made for different models of cube cases on their characteristics to contain different computer components, their physical aspects such as weight and appearance, cooling options, and performance.

ATX cube cases, developed by Intel, offer cube cases, which are one of the most used worldwide. Similarly, micro-ATX cube cases, including small motherboards, are also used extensively. Micro-ATX has a form factor of about 25% less than that of ATX, which basically means that the space for fitting computer components is 25% less in micro-ATX than ATX.

Thermaltake Level 20XT

The Thermaltake Level 20XT is an ATX cube case, which was introduced in 2018. It is made of quality rolled steel, known as SPCC, and has four side panels made of tempered glass. It has 8 expansion slots and can fit in mini ATX, micro ATX, or extended ATX motherboard. The Thermaltake 20XT weighs around 20 kg, and in terms of cooling, it makes use of only one fa, fitted at the rear end. It was priced at the time of release at around $120.

Corsair Crystal 680X 

The Corsair Crystal Series 680X high airflow ATX case was introduced in 2019. The Corsair crystal case is made of steel and plastic, where part of the frame is made of plastic while the side panels are made of tempered glass. This case has very good cooling options; top cooling, bottom cooling, and rear cooling. It also includes water cooling options. It also has more expansion slots; ten in total. It was priced at the time of release at around $200.

Thermaltake Level 20VT

The Thermaltake Level 20VT is a micro-ATX case, which was introduced in 2018. It is one of the most popular computer cases being used today. It is black in color and made of SPCC, having four side panels made of tempered glass. This makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing computers cases out in the market. It has 5 expansion slots and can fit in mini ATX, micro ATX, or extended ATX motherboard. Thermaltake Level 20VT is very lightweight, weighing around 9 kg. It was priced at the time of release at around $100.

Corsair Carbide 540 

Corsair Carbide 540 High Airflow ATX Cube case is a computer case that uses dual chambers to deliver air to the computer for cooling. It has very good cooling options which make the as little sound as possible. It also has 8 expansion slots. Corsair Carbide 540 is black in color and aesthetically pleasing with very good cable routing within the case body. It was priced at the time of release at around $125.

Sanctuary Micro-ATX

The sanctuary micro-ATX cube case, introduced by Kolink, is a steel/plastic made computer case. This case comes in black color with blue LEDs. Sanctuary micro-ATX cube case is an economically good case for users with low budget. It has 7 expansion slots and a lot of space for components. This case with transparent side panels is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye but is low cost. It was priced at the time of the release of around $55.


The preference of a user depends on the budget and requirements. For a low budget cube PC case, the sanctuary micro-ATX cube case is the best solution as it is relatively cheaper than other high performance and better-looking cube cases. For the best cooling options, one of Corsair Crystal Series 680X or Corsair Carbide 540 is the obvious computer case as they have multiple air and water cooling options. Overall, it can be argued that the case with the best performance is the Thermaltake Level 20VT with small size, lightweight with powerful cooling, and good performance. It is also one of the good looking computer cases in the market!

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