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Have you ever seen your task manager how many background unnecessary applications are running? A lot. One of them is the Modern Setup Host, which causes high CPU usage. This function helps to detect and update Windows 10. You will be curious about how to increase your computer speed with some simple steps. We bring you this post so that you will find your solution right over here.

What is Modern Setup Host?

The Modern Setup Host is an executable file which is a self-extracting archive and installer. You will only see moderns setup hosts in Windows 10 if you have Windows beta version called Windows Technical Preview. When your system installs Windows update, the modern setup host runs automatically. Modern Setup Host is a Windows application that helps the computer to detect and update Windows. This setup gives to computer a hard time to run as it creates two types of problem while running.

First, is Modern Setup Host causing high CPU usage and second is Modern Setup Host is not responding or crashing.

In both cases, the computer will suffer through a lot of heat as well as slowing down. There are several ways you can fix the problem related to Modern Setup Host. Here are some of them.

How to fix this problem?

All the solutions for the Modern Setup Host problems are exclusively for Windows 10, but if you are a Windows 7 or 8 user, then you have to take some extra steps for further processes regarding the problem.

Performing a clean boot

When you see the Modern Setup Host issue popping on the screen, this might be due to the other applications that interfere while updating. All you need to do is perform a clean boot. That will cause your computer to run faster and better than before. You need to follow the instructions as given below:-

  • Open the run dialog box.
  • Type “Msconfig” and press open
  • You will see the system configuration window, go to the general tab
  • Deselect all the Load startup items
  • Click the services tab and click the “Disable all” button
  • Go to the startup menu and open task manager
  • In the task manager, identify all the startup items which are enabled and make sure you make them disable.
  • Restart your PC and make sure if the problem is resolved.
    When the steps are done, and PC is all-new, try installing the Windows update and see if the Modern Setup Host is still creating problems.

Perform a DISM Scan

DISM also is known as deployment image servicing and management is a command-line tool that can be used to service and prepare Windows images. DISM scan helps the users to fix the corrupted system file from windows update. This scan helps the PC to run faster and smoother. There are several steps you need to follow so that you can perform this scan which is:-

  • Go to the search menu on the taskbar and type cmd.
  • As the search results come up, open the command prompt tab as an admin
  • Once the command prompt is open, run a few commands to make it a success
  • Commands are-
  • DISM.exe/Online/Clean-image/Scanhealth
  • DISM.exe/Online/Clean-image/Checkhealth
  • DISM.exe/Online/Clean-image/Restorehealth
    It will take some time, but you should leave the process uninterrupted so that it can complete as fast as possible.

Disable Windows Update

Disabling the Windows Update is the ultimate step you can take. As the Modern Setup Host deals with the Windows Updates, if the Windows 10 update is stopped, then there would not be any other issue regarding Modern Setup Host. Although Disabling Windows Update can create other problems like simultaneous pop-ups for Updates, problems while using the internet, etc. Here are the steps to follow to shut down the Windows Update:-

  • Use the run command and search for service.msc
  • When the window would pop up see for Windows Update
  • By right-clicking on the Windows, option-click on the disabled, which would result in shutting down the Windows Update.
    Restart your PC, and your work is done. You will notice your computer became a lot smoother than before, as no backlogs are pulling its performance behind.
  • Windows Update Troubleshooter
    Windows has its ways to sort out the problems, and you can do it manually as well. Troubleshooter is very useful when it comes to internal issues of the PC because Windows will try to fix problems. It is one of the best ways to clear out the Modern Setup Host issue. If you use Windows 10, then it is preinstalled, but if it is Windows 7 or 8, you need to install it manually by going to the Windows official website. Here are the steps you need to follow:-
  • Search troubleshoot in the search bar and select the troubleshooting option.
  • As a result, pop up will appear to the right panel and then select the Windows Update option.
  • Run the troubleshooter option from there and follow the onscreen instructions.
    The troubleshooter will help you with the problems, and it will make sure all the update related issues get sorted.

The Ideal Default System Language

Windows Update issues also occur when a computer’s system language does not match the default system UI language. The UI language is the default language of the system, which should not be disturbed. Although sometimes when a PC goes through an update or any other functions, the System language changes automatically, which causes a problem in the future updates or other functions on your PC. This issue can be solved very easily by following steps. Here are the steps to follow for Ideal Default System language setup:-

  • Open windows setting and select the Time and Language icon.
  • On the left side, there is an icon called Region and Language.
  • Select the language and select the Default System UI Language.
    After doing these steps, try installing the system update again. All these functions are for modern setup host Windows 10, for Windows 7 or 8, you need to follow different steps.

Use of speed boosters

There are several speed boosters available in the markets which are readily available for you to buy. Speed boosters are programs that optimize the speed of your PC. Speed boosters act as admin and eliminate unnecessary apps and while also deals with viruses. They come in different variants so pick one which suits you the best.

Eliminating items from Software Distribution Folder

Software Distribution Folder is the place where the temporary files of Windows update exist. Other than that, some unnecessary files are also there, which occupy space without reason. These wastes in the folder can cause failure to the System Update and need to be removed. These files can be eliminated very easily and will increase the performance of your PC. Here are the steps to follow to clean the Software Distribution Folder:-

  • Go to the C drive and go to the location. C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads
  • Select all the files and delete them. One message would pop up that the file cannot be deleted, leave them, and delete the rest of the files.
  • The files left over there are the Modern Setup Host files that would help you to update your Windows easily.
  • Restart your PC, and you will see a faster, better, and more responsive system than before.

Optimize the startup Programs

When you start the Windows, many other programs also come into consideration and make your PC slow and limp. There are other solutions as well, but this one is the best way to optimize your system further. The way you can optimize the Startup Programs is shown below:-

  • Open the taskbar and go to the icon of the startup tab.
  • Disable all the unnecessary applications from starting without permission.
  • Restart your PC, and you notice the change in your PC speed and windows loading times.
  • This solution could also be used for viruses files and other hacked files already present in your PC, which causes a problem from inside of your PC.


The Modern Setup Host is one of the functions of Windows, which helps the PC to update right on time and detect any updates on Windows 10. The problem arises when this function starts slowing down or crashing the OS. There are several ways a person can solve the problem. I noted them down for you so that you can also resolve the issue on your system.

Try the clean boot so that all the unnecessary applications can be eliminated easily. DISM scan is also helpful as it repairs the corrupt files. Using the Windows update troubleshooter is one of the most straightforward fixes. Changing the default language to system AI will also help. If you don’t need the system update, then you can turn the update entirely off. Optimizing the startup programs and using the speed boosters are also very helpful in solving the Modern Setup Host issues on your PC.


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