Nvidia GT 710 vs GT 730, which is better

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Short answer: pick GT 730, it’s a bit better, and it’s only $5 more on average.

Nvidia GT 710 vs. GT 730

Both GT 710 and GT 730 come with 1GB or 2GB edition and are low profile cards. Both can also come with a fan or without. There is around $5 difference, and performance is just a bit better for GT 730. However, since the price difference is of those graphics cards are small buying GT 730 over GT 710 makes sense. However, on the other hand, GT 710 is capable of displaying windows in 1080p, so if you want to use this card for only video output, it doesn’t matter which one you get. Both will do the job just fine.

Both are lousy value performance wise

So you are looking for a cheap card, then you have just come across Nvidia GT 710 vs. GT 730 right. I have some bad news for you. These cards are only not worth it. They offer such a bad performance per dollar you are better off with integrated GPU.

For gaming performance, you should instead buy RX 570. With this card, you can play new games moreover, If you are still thinking of buying GT 710 or GT 730 because for some reason you don’t want to purchase CPU with integrated graphics, think again. At this price point, you are much better off getting AMD Ryzen 2400g or 2200g which has best-integrated GPU right now.

Why Is AMD RX 550 Best Budget Graphic Card Under $100

It is the second cheapest card that supports full 4k 60Hz on the marked. It’s on pair or with slightly better performance than Nvidia GT 1030. However, the RX 550 low profile model is a bit more expensive than the GT 1030 low profile model.

Why Is Nvidia GT 1030 Best Fanless, Low Profile Graphic Card Under $100

Nvidia GT 1030 Gigabyte is the best budget low profile card simply because it is the cheapest card that supports HDMI 2.0. That means it is the most affordable and quietest card on the market that supports the 4k resolution on 60Hz. A close contender is the AMD Rx 550, but it doesn’t come without a fan and super small form factor.

Forget All Above and Get Yourself RX 570 or RX 470 for Entry-Level Gaming

Don’t buy those cards for any gaming and are value vise one of the worst deals you can find on the market right now. Why, because you can get RX 570 4gb for $40 more. So this card it’s 3.0 x performance of the GT 1030 or RX 550 and around five times faster than GT 730.

There might be a couple of legitimate reasons you don’t want RX 570. Your case is too small, and you want fanless cards to go for GT 1030. Alternatively, your PSU has not enough power. In this case, GTX 1650 is your answer.

GTX 1650 just launched and it’s a bit pricey for its performance. However, with this card, you can transform old office computer into a gaming pc that can run current titles just fine.

Don’t want a gaming card?

If you absolutely won’t game ever and want cheapest 4K support go for AMD 2400g. If you already have a computer and you want 4k support then buy RX 550. Unless you want a low profile and fanless card, which is also super quiet, then the most obvious solution is the GT 1030. If you are using the integrated map and you are not switching on 4K or gaming, there is no reason for an upgrade. Also, one last situation. You bought some CPU that doesn’t have any integrated graphics for your 1080p output. Just find the cheapest card you can that supports HDMI, and that’s it.

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