Pximouse – A useful or dangerous software?

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Pximouse is a mouse cursor controlling software developed by PixArt Imaging Inc., a Taiwanese company, which specializes in imaging sensing technologies and integrated chip designs related to navigation. PixArt produces multiple image sensing products and are one of the world leaders in optical mouse sensor chips for computers and gaming applications.

What is pximouse work and how does it work?

Pximouse also known by the file name ‘TiltWheelMouse.exe’, is an application that gets installed on a computer when a certain mouse is plugged in. Mouse use optical sensors to work and when these optical sensors are designed by PixArt, the ‘TiltWheelMouse.exe’ application gets installed on the computer to make the mouse work properly. Pximouse controls the mouse pointer animations using which a user can direct the control of a mouse. If a user wants to direct a mouse to say, the top left corner of a screen, pximouse in coordination with image sensors of the mouse, directs the mouse pointer to the top left hand corner. When pximouse is installed on a computer, a process starts in the background, which can be seen in the Task Manager. This program often appears as ‘TiltWheelMouse.exe’ or ‘PXImouse.exe”.

How does pximouse get on my computer?

Some companies, especially those which design gaming mouse, use image sensing software by PixArt Imaging Inc. and when these mouse are plugged in, pximouse gets installed on the computer. When this program gets installed, it stays in the background and operates when that mouse is used, creating mouse cursor graphics. If a user decides to change the mouse and use a new one, pximouse software still stays in the background.

Where is pximouse file located?

Usually pximouse is located as ‘TiltWheelMouse.exe’ file in the C:\Windows\System32 folder provided that the drive where windows is installed is C drive. If the file is not located in this folder, then there is a cause for concern and red flags should be raised.

Is pximouse dangerous?

Pximouse, contrary to the depiction on some sites on the internet, is not a virus or a Trojan. In fact it is a useful software which has been described as a virus due to its uselessness when the mouse using this software is no longer in use. 

However, some viruses have been claimed to be hiding in a computer as ‘TiltWheelMouse.exe’ which has raised alarm for internet users and thus the pximouse software has received a bad reputation. It has also been claimed that the virus which camouflages itself as ‘TiltWheelMouse.exe’, records keyboard and mouse movements as well as eats up hard disk memory and causes the computer to crash!

It is a good practice to scan the computer with an antivirus or malware protection software so that if a virus is hiding as pximouse, it may be deleted.

What if I uninstall pximouse?

When the mouse using pximouse is in use, it is wise not to disable or uninstall it as doing so will disable the mouse pointer or mouse cursor. However, if the mouse in use is not using pximouse software, it can be disabled in Task Manager or uninstalled from the computer.

How to remove pximouse?

To disable pximouse, open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL on the keyboard. In the Task Manager, locate pximouse, running as PXImouse.exe or TiltWheelMouse.exe and click ‘End Task’. To completely remove the software, go to ‘Programs’ and in ‘uninstall a program’, find the software by the name pximouse or TiltWheelMouse and click uninstall. 


Pximouse is a useful software as it helps with coordinating the mouse cursor with the mouse movements. It is usually a harmless software which runs in the background and does not interfere with other programs. But when not in use, it is better to delete the software as a virus may be hiding as a pximouse software and damaging the computer.

Picture by: George Tan, Flickr.com


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