Fixing the Discord No Route Issue

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Discord is software that is used specifically for the gaming community. This software allows people to communicate with others. This software specializes in text, images, video, and audio communication between users in chat channels. Sometimes the network is not connected correctly, which causes several problems in the communication of gamers while already being connected to the internet. Today we are going to talk about an issue related to audio communication software that is Discord no route and how to solve them.

What is Discord no route?

Discord no route is the condition in which the ISP or network connection isn’t able to connect to the voice server. That creates a problem for communication. This issue is common and can be solved very quickly and within no time. Here I’m going to explore different solutions to Discord no route problem and the procedure.

Start from the beginning

When you feel that the problems are going out of hand, then the best thing is to take a deep breath and restart everything. Your computer, server, and the internet. When you reset all the things, you will see if the problem is temporary or permanent. If the problem is unchanging, then go for other solutions in this list, and you would gain success in solving your issue.

Uninstall unnecessary firewall

An unnecessary firewall or 3rd party firewall is useful for computer protection from malware and viruses, but if this can disturb your work, then it is best to remove it. These antiviruses and firewalls sometimes presume the ongoing connection is malware and causing Discord no route. Firewall and antivirus restrict the proper functioning of Discord. The steps you need to follow are :

  • · Run dialog box and type appwiz.cpl to run the programs and features
  • · In the programs and features section you will find the option 3rd party security solution you have installed
  • · Click on the 3rd party security solution and click uninstall
  • · On the same section, you will find 3rd party antivirus, uninstall that as well
  • · Make sure that you remove all the leftovers from C drive so that no issues can come in future
  • Restart your PC so that you can make sure that all the problems related to Discord no route are resolved.

Removal of VPN

VPN also is known as a virtual private network that helps people around the world to add an extra layer of security and privacy. It usually is used for protecting sensitive data on your device, but VPN can cause a problem as well. The game you are playing might not support VPN, so some of the functionality like audio and communication might get stopped. Removal or disabling of a VPN can help fix the problem.

Your Network Admin Might Block Your Communication

When you face a problem regarding Discord, sometimes it is not the internet connection or the firewall, your administrator might block your communication. In this case, you need to go through a specific process as follows:

  • · Go to your network and sharing section in the settings
  • · Click on the properties option of your network connection
  • · Now click on internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and again hit properties
  • · Now click on Use the following DNS server addresses
  • · Keep in the preferred DNS server and on alternate DNS server
  • · Click on ok save it and reboot your computer so that the function can get applied

As the PC will start again, the problem should be gone. That is the proper protocol to solve the problem if it is related to the administrator.

Server’s voice region

Connecting with people from the other side of the world could be a little problematic if the problem of Discord continues. Sometimes when you try and connect with people from different continents, the issue of Discord no route arises. That might happen due to the server’s voice region. You can solve this by requesting the admin to set a different voice region. Admin can solve that, but he needs to go to the server setting and change the server region to the right one.

*disabling of High Packet Priority Quality of Service

QoS or Quality of Service helps in maintaining the quality of audio and video while playing the games. Many times disabling the QoS helped in resolving the discord issue as the computer or server is not able to maintain the High Packet Priority Quality of Service. This issue can be resolved in specific steps as follows:

  • · Open Discord and go to the settings
  • · In-app settings select the voice and video
  • · When you scroll down to click on the option called High Packet Priority Quality of Service and make it disabled
  • Close Discord and restart it. Later check if the issue is resolved. This method is beneficial as it is directly connected to the Discord itself.

Use of the command prompt

The Command prompt is an application in your PC, which helps you to change the configuration of the system manually. That helps the user to decide what to do with the problems and how to get the solutions. As per surveys, many people tried this method and got success. Using the specific commands through the command prompt can solve issues. That could be either permanent or temporary, depending on the severity of the problem. The process you need to follow to tackle the problem is as follows:

  • · Open command prompt by writing “cmd” in the search box and then press ctrl+shift+enter so that an elevated command prompt opens.
  • · As it opens type the command ipconfig/release
  • · Once you do that the current IP configuration will be shown
  • · Type new command to flush the DNS ipconfig/flushdns
  • · As you will type the new command former IP configuration will be changed
  • · Now you have to type the final command so that the IP configuration can be renewed
  • · The last command will be ipconfig/renew

After this final command, your work is done. You need to reboot your PC and check if any such problem is still arising or not related to Discord no route.

Use of different applications

There are various applications available in the market which can be used to resolve the problem of Discord no route. There are various applications available in the market which can be used to resolve the problem of Discord no route. These applications solve the issues related to Discord automatically so that you don’t have to work manually. These applications are handy as they go through all the above methods automatically. There are free as well as paid versions of these apps, which you can find them easily on the internet.


Discord no route is a problem related to audio communication while gaming. This issue creates a lot of problems during communication and ruins your gaming experience. There are several steps that you can do to fix the issue.

  • The first solution is to restart everything so that your PC gets reconfigured and resolve the issue.
  • Second is the disabling and uninstalling 3rd party firewall and antiviruses. That will help the Discord to get a free passage to work freely.
  • The third is the removal of the VPN. Removal of VPN will help the game to reconfigure itself and solve the issue.
  • Forth is enabling the Discord through admin.
  • The fifth is changing the server’s voice region, which will enhance the audio communication experience between two sides.
  • Sixth is the disabling of QoS, which maintains the quality of audio and video communication. When disabled, you can easily communicate with others.
  • Seventh is the Use of command prompt. This method is the ultimate way to resolve the discord problem. This solution can be temporary or permanent as per your PC.
  • Eighth and the last on is Use of applications which would help you to resolve your issues.

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