This Is the Best WordPress Theme and You Should Get It

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I can’t stress enough why picking the right WordPress theme is vital at the start of your journey. That is why I will save you the hassle and just told you to get Generate Press. It is the only theme you will ever need for WordPress. Also it is great for people who are trying to build website for the first time.

Why Generate Press?

Anyway, I can’t stress enough to pick right quality platforms like Generate Press can save you so much hassle and trouble in the future. This plugin is one of the fastest right now on the market. It has multiple skins you can choose from, and it is only 50 dollars, which is less than most of the premium templates, and they usually come with only one theme/skin

Whenever in the future, you will want to upgrade your business site, and you will discover you made a poor choice on your WordPress theme. That can bring unnecessary difficulties and costs when you will want to upgrade or refresh your website.

Generate Press Site Library contains 28 skins with 12 Elementor skins and 5 Beaver page builder skins.

Key Features About the Generate Press 

Super lightweight

Super fast loading times, get better rankings in Google.


You can use Generate Press for Wordpress on unlimited sites.


With premium you get one year of updates and support, and the renewal is 40% off.


There is no drawback if you start as a free user you can always upgrade.

The site library

Contains 28 different skins you can customize.


Premium is not expensive and well worth the value.

Page builders friendly

If you like page builders, you will love the Generate Press plugin.

Plugin support

I haven’t come across a plugin that didn’t work with the Generate Press.

Site Speed

You can find many tools for measuring site speed test all over the web. Most of the time, I am using You can usually check Demo Themes with these tools. While site speed is not magic ingredient for google rankings but it ads ups for much better user experience. Especially for folks in rural areas, and areas with bad signal. So anyway, if the users from specific regions have to wait gazillion seconds your site to load up, they will most likely to move one.

Generate Press work with most plugins. I personally haven’t come across some plugin that didn’t work.

You can further optimize your CSS and JavaScript and other stuff with Autoptimize plugin for wordpress. You can also optimize CSS manually here is a Guide for it. With that said, you get really fast loading times for the best user experience granted.

Something About Me

My name is Blaž and I was born and raised in Slovenia if you Know Luka Dončič or Melania Trump, you already know some Slovenes. Right now, I am working full time as a Digital Marketing Specialist and Coordinator. My latest work project was establishing a website in five languages for hi-end products, very popular for pro athletes and for other applications. While the site you are looking at is more as a baby project and my playground, it is proudly running on Generate Press.

Generate Press cover

I have been using Generate press around 8 months and started to build every web site with it and also recommend it to all my clients.

Don’t be One of Those

I have seen many large companies with relatively great looking sites but bad technical optimization and lousy loading times, which can be bad for Google rankings. I even saw professional designers recommending poor un-optimized themes to their clients; of course, they couldn’t know any better.

Still, I am expecting professional web designers to understand what they are doing or have the best intentions for clients. I hate to be the guy who brings bad news to the table, but sometimes the best way is from scratch. So picking an excellent quality platform from the start will save you a lot in the future.


While this post promotes and praises Generate Press, it is for a reason because it’s simply one of the best in the market. I will never promote something that I have not used and actually think it is a fantastic product. I use this product daily and always recommend it.

Of course, I haven’t tried all the products on the market, but I did a lot. There are some excellent alternatives, but this one takes the cake for me. Cheers, and enjoy your WordPress endeavors.


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