Most Amazing Wooden Wall Decor Map

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I have stumbled on something special the other day that caught my eye. These most amazing wooden wall maps from the shop also have other products, but that is the one really got my attention.

This map is on sale right now, and it comes in different sizes M, L, XL, and XXL. It’s a 3D map because some pieces are raised up to 18mm. It’s an impressive product; you can impress friends with while also spark curiosity for knowledge in geography in your young ones.

Neon lights

The most amazing 3D RGB led maps. More expensive but good looking. The LED version comes in size L and XL, while RGB LED allows for seven different light colors.

Even the regular map is impressive

Even the regular map is impressive and beautiful while being the most affordable one. Check out for more here.

This one of the most impressive wall decors I have come across and can’t wait to get it. I have ordered the regular one because I am minimalistic kind and really like the design.

Enjoy the Wood was the first company to create a wooden wall map, and they have a legal patent. It’s also good to note that maps are created handmade from birch plywood, and maps are available in many variations. If you want to have any custom engravings and marks asked them.

Wall decor

Shipping in USA is 5-7 business days for all maps  and in Europe it is 6-8 business days for all maps . For more information about shipping check click here.

If you like these products, check other products EnjoyTheWood, they even sell Wooden Pocket Comb.


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