How to Enable 144hz on Your Gaming Monitor?

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People all over the web are reporting the same stories over and over again. How they just discovered their ultra mega fast super duper 144Hz monitor is running only 60Hz. The people are losing their minds because of the fact that thing is not working in 144Hz straight out of a box and some were in the dark ages for years before figuring that out. Here is how to enable 144Hz Girlz and Boyz.

Use the Right Cables

Use the right cables! Some of the monitors, especially those with higher resolutions and high refresh rate requires a right cable or port. So be sure to check if your monitor needs some specific cable. For example, 240hz requires DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0.

Set Right Refresh Rate!

Set right refresh rate in windows or application your graphics card included. Don’t forget to set the proper setting in the game also.

Nvidia Users

Open NVIDIA control panel/ Change resolution in the drop-down menu under display settings/ Under refresh rate tab set desired Hz.

AMD Users and Others

Right click on desktop/ display settings/ Advanced display settings/ display adaptor properties for display/ click tab monitor/ select drop-down menu and set your desired refresh rate.

Check your monitor menu for displaying monitor Hz or refresh rate. Don’t be an instant-gratification millennial and read a manual. If you don’t like to decipher manual… mumbo jumbo, then use the lazy method instead of reading the actual manual. Perform a lazy method by downloading monitor manual.pdf. after that use CTRL + F and type in search Hz or refresh rate.

Perform a lazy method by downloading monitor manual.pdf. after that use CTRL + F and type in search Hz or refresh rate.

How to Enable 144hz in Game?

First, check if your system is decent enough to run frames on pair with your monitor refresh rate. Let’s say that if you are running 144Hz monitor you should at least be able to run the game at 144 FPS, and there is no general or exact rule for that. It depends on the monitor but more frames the better. Also, note that if the system is incapable of running those high frames lower your setting or get a better graphics card.

TURN OFF V-SYNC, VERTICAL-SYNC OR VERTICAL-SYNCHRONIZATION and turn on G-SYNC or FREE-SYNC depends on the graphics card. Also, check you monitor SYNC technology support you graphics card SYNC technology — Nvidia for G-SYNC and AMD for Free-SYNC.


  • Check for the right or faulty cables (cables are often the problem)
  • Set desired or 144Hz in your monitor settings
  • Set desired Hz in your Windows or software that comes with a graphics card
  • Turn off in games setting that prevents achieving more than 60 Frames per Second ( V-SYNC, VERTICAL-SYNC OR VERTICAL-SYNCHRONIZATION )
  • Have the decent enough hardware that can push games over 144 FPS

Pheew that was exhausting article to read, so many words and stuff. If you managed to read them all, congratulation you are now running your Frames At High Velocity.

Cover photo of the article “How to enable 144hz” is photo made by Matthew Pearce from Flickr.


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