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Ever since childhood, people enjoyed the Lego, and now in modern times, they look forward to reliving their childhood memories. Lego is such a fantastic invention which entirely depends on our imagination. Want to make a fortress, Lego is there for you, a whole city, Lego will do your job. You just need to imagine it, and Lego will turn it into a reality.

Today every age group, people all around the world love Lego and enjoy it for many different things. Today I’ll tell you the story of a complete archaeological set of Lego, which helped the fossil lovers bring back from the dead.

910 Legos Piece Brought Back Jurassic Park

Archaeology is such an exciting field which never gets old, you can never know what could come out of the earth. But if you don’t have time to dig up for urself and search real-life dinosaur fossil, you can make some of your dreams come true with the help of Lego.

There is a lego set available in the market, which consists of 910 pieces of Lego combined and makes three different dinosaur and two mini-figures.

The box is around $59.99 and gives you a rich experience of setting up the dinosaurs.

The Package

The package consists of 910 different pieces, which, when combined, gives 3 different types of dinosaurs those are Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and Pteranodon. The box also contains 2 mini-figures.

There are separate instruction booklets for each dinosaur, and they also contain interesting facts about the dinosaurs, which you may find fascinating.

There are a total of six bags in the package which have the skeleton parts of the dinosaurs. You get additional clips and bars, Technical pins, and click hinges, which all will help you build your own Jurassic Park.

The package also contains some stickers, which will help you to decorate the figures as you want. All the pieces are white in color, so parts could be right for a recolor.

Books And The Bags

There is a total of 3 books and 6 bags which contain everything you need. Book 1 contains the instructions to build the Pteranodon. Bag no. 1 includes the paleontologist and all the parts related to it.

Book 2 contains instructions to create Triceratops. Bag 2 and 3 contain the parts of Triceratops with the mini-fig skeleton in it. Bag 2 has the pieces for the Triceratops’ body; whereas the bag 3 includes the parts for the skull and tail.

Book 3 contains the instructions of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Bags 4, 5, and 6 contain the rest of the parts.

The 4th bag has the Terex’s legs, the 5th bag having the torso, and at the end, 6th, and the final bag includes the parts for the skull and tail.

The figures

The package contains 3 different dinosaurs, T-Rex being the biggest of them all 7 inches in height and 15 inches long. The smallest is the min-figures of one ranger and a lego-sapiens skeleton, which looks quite interesting.

Starting from the Pteranodon Longiceps, a flying type dinosaur found about 86 million years ago. It has a big head and slightly shorter wings; it’s quite entertaining to see how the dinosaur stays still on its stand.
The body is short and has 4 ribs on it, which give it a fresh fossil look. There is a tiny tail at the end, which looks really cute as well.

Coming to the Triceratops Horridus, a huge dinosaur that was found on earth about 68 million years ago. This dinosaur was a vegetarian and had 2 longhorns over its eyes with a smaller horn over its nose. It has a realistic look as it is made quite similar to the real one with well-made details over its head. The head is enormous as compared to the body and is quite detailed. The body has 4 legs, 4 pairs of ribs, and a long tail with spikes on it.

The Almighty Tyrannosaurus Rex

This dinosaur used to live on earth around 170 million years ago and was a carnivore. This one was the king of the jungle, and literally, every other creature feared him. This figure is the biggest in the box, and it is quite long as well. It has a medium-sized head with two arms, two long legs and a long body with the tail having spikes over them. The body also has 4 pairs of ribs, which give it the antique fossil look. Overall it looks quite well made and intense.

The other two figures are an archaeologist and a lego skeleton. The archaeologist has a magnifying glass in one hand and the bone in another and is wearing a bow and some kind uniform. The skeleton is wearing a hat and is having movable hands and legs.

Almost all the parts of the figures are movable except legs and stand below them. As for the archaeologist, his arms and head are movable. The joints consist of ball bearing inside then, which helps them move freely.


Overall, the set is a fantastic experience for ofc the older generation as well as younger. You can keep these lego structures on your study table and show it off. You can turn it into a Jurassic park, you can keep them near your bed, or you can even keep them in a showcase so that your friends and relatives can get jealous of your collection and make fun of you geeky nature.

Maybe someday we will be able to bring dinosaurs back from extinction. Science might have the answer for the real Jurrasic park in the future who knows. But till then, enjoy your Lego made fossil dinosaurs and dream for the best.

Photo by James Orr on Unsplash


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